Frequent Asked Questions

Here you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions. Please contact us for additional information.


How can I make a reservation?
You can make a reservation to fill in the booking form on our website or to send us a email with your booking details. Our mail address is
For how many people can I make a reservation?
You can make a reservation for as many people you want.
Can I make a late booking prior departure time?

When you make a booking within 12 hours prior departure time we can not guarantee you a available car with driver but we will do our best to help you.

How can I cancel a reservation?

You can cancel a reservation to send us a email with your cancellation request. Our mail address is

Opening hours

What are the openings hours?
We provide 24/7 services but our office is open monday till friday from 08:30 AM – 6:00 PM.


What type of cars can I book?
You can book executive cars, VIP cars, luxury minivans, luxury minibuses and touring coaches.
Can I eat or drink in the car?

It is not allowed to consume your own food or drinks in the car. We have always free water and peppermint available in the car.

Is it possible to order champagne in the car?

Yes you can order a bottle of champagne in the car. Please mention this with your booking.

Are the cars wheelchair accessible?
Yes some of our cars are wheelchair accessible. Please mention this with your booking.
Are pets allowed in the cars?

Yes pets are allowed in the cars. Please mention this with your booking.


Are the rates always a fixed price?
Yes our rates are always a fixed price, even when there is a traffic jam or road block. We may charge additional costs in the following situations: When there are extra stops during your transfer, when we have to wait more then 90 minutes after you arrive at the Airport, when we have to wait more then 20 minutes after the departure time of your city transfer or when the driver has to drive more then the agreed kilometers during a disposal/hourly service or sightseeing tour.
Are the rates incl. all costs, for example VAT, Meet & Greet, toll, parking costs?
Our rates are incl. Meet & Greet Airport pick up service, parking costs at the Airport, free Wifi and bottled water. Our rates are excl. 9% VAT, drivers lunch (only for bookings more then 8 hours), dinner and overnight (this only applies to a sightseeing tour/hourly servivce longer than 8 hours or when our driver has to sleep in a hotel abroad).


Which payments options are there?

Payments can be done bij credit card online, bank transfers, Paypal, Ideal and on account.

Can I pay on account?

Yes you can pay on account with a monthly invoice. Please contact us for the conditions.

Terms & Conditions

Where can I find the terms & conditions?

You can find the terms & conditions here: Terms & conditions – Vip Travel Services


Where do I meet the driver for my departure transfer?

The driver will pick you up at the reception of your hotel or at your address when you stay in a appartment.

How many hours before the departure flight do I need to be at the Airport?

For international flights you need to be at the Airport 3 hours prior the departure time. For normal flights you need to be at the Airport 2 hours prior the departure time.

How many minutes does the driver wait at my address without extra costs?

You have 20 minutes free of charge when the driver arrives at your address. After 20 minutes waiting time we will charge € 15,- and for every 15 minutes thereafter also € 15,-.


Where do I meet the driver when I arrive?
The driver will pick you up at the arrivals just after the bagage claim.
How do I recognize the driver?

The driver will hold a nameplate with your name or company logo on it.

How many time do I have to collect my bagage when I arrive at the Airport?
You have 60 minutes after the plane has land to collect your baggage. After 60 minutes we will charge € 1,- per minute.
What to do if my flight is delayed?
You have to contact VIP Travel Services immediately so we can pick you up at the correct arrival time.
Are there extra costs when my flight is delayed?
When youf flight is delayed there are no extra costs. Only when your flight is more than 6 hours delayed there is an additional fee of € 50,-.
Is it possible to make extra stops during my transfer?

Yes it is possible to make extra stops during your transfer. There is a possibility to pay a additional fee (depends on how long the stops takes or where the stops are).

Do you offer 24/7 services?

Yes we offer 24/7 services when you make a booking in advance.

Can I order a car of a certain brand?

Yes that is possible. Please mention this with your booking.

Can I get discount?

When you are a regular customer or travel agent there is a possibility to get discount. Ask our customer service for more information.

How can I book a sightseeing tour?

You can book a sightseeing tour online or to send us a email with your requests.

Is the driver also a guide?

No the driver is no guide but a driver/host. He will provide you from some information and he will show you the local spots. If needed you can book a professional guide during your sightseeing tour.

Can I book extra hours during my sightseeing tour?

Yes you can book extra hours during your sightseeing tour. Please inform your driver how many hours you want to book extra.

Do you take special measures against Covid-19?

Yes because of COVID-19 we have taken special hygiene measures. Each vehicle is disinfected before each journey and our drivers are wear masks, are well trained and provide appropriate materials to ensure social distancing measures are met with all passengers.

Do we have to wear a mask?

Yes every passenger have to wear a mask.

What if I don't have a mask?

If you don’t have a mask our driver will provide you a mask.